Sometime in the near future, in an age in which we have established contact and communications with planets outside our galaxy. Scan2Go will become a huge phenomenon throughout all of outer space.
They hold a giant race at every locality, with each racer is gunning for the title of the universe's number one racer. What matters most is that the people of earth have only recently learned of Scan2Go so the number of people competing remains few. Finally, people on earth have just formed a team to cultivate young men and women to race.
The main character in the series is Kaz, who competes in a tournament, the "Pro-Racer Exhibition Race." Kaz, who possesses the power of the eagle, performed well with his blazing, innate power commanding his falconine beast spirit. Kaz was no match for the other teams that have won their way through the competitive Space Preliminaries. Kaz got eliminated after the first round.
Realizing the difficult obstacles that lie before them, Kaz said, "At this rate I'll never become number one." Kaz, along with his friends, leaves the small Earth behind him and sets off on a universe-wide quest to hone their skills as warriors. Placing their fate on the Scan2Go, this series shows the epic space adventure of young men and women. Through these adventures, they bond in great friendships and grow to discover new things.

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